The Marlborough Bench

The Marlborough Bench

A classic in English Garden Furniture
When you buy a marlborough bench you are buying a design that is a classic in English garden furniture design. Our Marlborough bench is a high quality version of this bench that replicates the essential elements of the design in the finest grade A teak available anywhere. We love our Marlborough bench and we know you will too.

Designed by Sir Edward Lutyens
The design of the marlborough bench was the inspired work of Englands most famous architect, Sir Edward Lutyens. He was the designer of the Cenotaph in London and of the British Embassy in Washington. He came to fame in his ealy life with his magnificently grand house designs and garden landscaping and design projects. Featured heavily in Country Life magazine, his designs have become synonymous with classic English gardens and his creation of this image sometimes goes unnoticed. If you walk through an English garden today you are probably experiencing the ideas and creations of Edward Lutyens.

For the great English gardens
The Marlborough bench is sometimes called a Lutyens Bench, but it goes by many other names. It was designed for Lord Marlboroughs estate gardens and was used in many other grand gardens in England. It is such a classic English design that you will find Marlborough benches in the finest gardens in England as well as many English gardens in ex-colonies all over the world.

A prestigous design
The intricately styled slats, the beautifully rolled arms and detailing of the backrest give the Marlborough teak garden bench a presence in any garden setting. It is as beautiful today as it was when it was first revealed at the end of the 19th Century.

See what you think
Take a look at our Teak Marlborough Bench here and see if you agree with us - we are sure you will.