Why Grade A Teak?

Buyer Beware!
Some garden furniture suppliers are passing off gade C teak as grade A. By chemically treating the cheap teak they are attempting to give it a consistent colour. Grade A teak is considerably more expensive than the other grades and these companies are trying to make a quick profit before dissappearing. If the price seems to good to be true it probably is.

Grade C Teak Images

What is Grade A Teak?
Grade A Teak is the best grade of teak available anywhere. Grade B teak and grade C teak are considerably poorer cousins. Grade A teak comes from the best quality teak trees and even then less than half the trunk usually makes the grade. Grade A teak is the best wood from the very center of the tree trunk where teak resins are concentrated.

What is wrong with Grade B or Grade C teak?
Grade B or grade C teak is not very good for garden furnture, it simply will not last as long, is likely to be eaten by bugs and infestations and is likely to be discolour quickly. Even from the outset the cheaper grades of teak will simply not look or feel anything like grade A teak and will quickly crack and appear worn in our wet weather.

Beware Fake Teak
Some woods are also being passed off as teak. These teak-like woods can be Shorea, Eucalyptus, Cedar and Jarrah. To an experienced eye the differences are huge. The quality and texture of the wood is greatly reduced and flaws and knots are common place. These woods will not survive for long in our harsh and wet weather conditions.

Other teak tricks.
Apart from using teak-like woods or chemically treating lower grade teak woods, other shortcuts are still available for passing off low grade teak as grade A teak. For instance it is far more expensive to dry teak wood in a kiln than to air dry teak wood. But air dried wood is not dry enough, containing too much water moisture. This will lead to cracking and other flaws and in a very short time your garden furniture will begin to fall apart.

Grade A Teak Images

What does this mean for your garden furniture?
All of our garden furniture is grade A teak and nothing else. Grade A teak is the most expensive, the hardest and the longest lasting. It is also the best looking as it is of an even colour and with much fewer knots than lower grade teaks. Our teak garden furniture is ALL kiln dried to lower the moisture content. This makes your garden furniture last longer, even decades later it can still look as good as new.

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